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Make Your Own Fashion Statement With Crazy Contacts…

Who would have thought that something as boring as a sight correction device could become a must have fashion accessory? But they have!

Contact lenses started out in the 1950s as hard glass lenses. Over the years they progressed into hard plastic lenses, which were both uncomfortable to wear and expensive to buy.

In the 1970s manufacturers developed soft plastic lenses and the contact lens revolution began… and now color and crazy contacts have become the latest and greatest fashion craze.

They’re not called crazy contacts for nothing! There are an amazing variety of different looks that you can achieve with these lenses: you can change the color and even the shape of your eyes with ease.

Going out to fancy dress party? Then have some fun. Grab yourself a cat costume, a pair of cat eye contacts – with their yellow background and vertical black slit pupils – and you’ll look ‘purrrrrfect’!

Want to be a Werewolf instead?

Easy. Wear the wolf lens with it’s lunar yellow around the pupil and the black border – just make sure you don’t go out on the full moon!

Going as Dracula?

Wear the scary Vampire contacts with their blood red pupils and outer black rim and make an immediate impact. Suddenly you’re transformed into a Spectacular Dracula!

Try out some of the other wild shapes available: like the Red Spiral, which transforms your eyes into a red and white spiral. Or the Fire contact lenses with their yellow flames circling your pupil around a red background.

Why not freak out your friends, put in your White lenses and turn the whole of your eyes completely white!

Have some fun after long night out on the town, next morning sneak in the Bloodshot contact lenses. With their criss-crossing red “blood vessels” they’re sure to get a laugh!

Be a patriot! Crazy contacts also come in flags.. no guessing what your eyes will look like if you wear the Stars and Stripes contacts!

They also come in handy when supporting your favorite football team. Pop in the NFL lenses and proudly sport the logo of your team in the whites of your eyes.

Despite all the great things you can do with them let’s not forget, of course, that crazy contacts are real contact lenses, so you’ll need a prescription from your eye doctor.

Although anyone can wear them, even if you don’t need them for vision, it’s still advisable to see your eye doctor and get them fitted properly so you don’t put yourself at risk from eye infections.

With all of their weird, wacky and wonderful patterns, shapes and color combinations, it’s no wonder Crazy contacts have become a must have fashion accessory – they’re fun with a capital F!

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