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Hair Trends-Just Look To The Runway

When looking for any type of trends in regards to fashion, most people look to the newest things on the fashion runways. This year is no different. If you want to know what new hair trends are out there, just look to the runway.

There are a few top hair trends for women that came out of the fall fashion shows. In this article I will list a few of them.

I will concentrate on those that “real” women would be more likely to wear as opposed to those over the top styles that few people can pull off and fewer yet would want to try.

So, here we go:

  1. One very popular trend today is actually pretty old fashioned: pony tails.

It would be tough to look through any type of celebrity magazine and not see at least a few stars boasting one of these pony tails.

Today, though, it isn’t just the out of the back of the head type pony tail that is popular, it is more of an anything goes pony tail style that seems to be all the rage.

Many women are wearing their pony tails on the side and lower than we may think of as more “traditional” pony tails of the past.

It’s not the cheerleader, perfectly centered in the back of the head, no hair out of place pony tail – It is far softer and lower than it used to be.

  1. Another old fashioned look that has made a huge comeback this year are braids.

This look is also about a more relaxed and casual feel to the hair. It isn’t about making sure that every hair is confined but rather allowing a little hair to flow softly.

This provides a beautiful feminine look to the whole hairstyle.

  1. Long, soft waves is yet one more popular look this season. I think you may be able to sense a trend this year.

Many of the styles are not only old fashioned, they are softer variations too.

Today, it is about a softer, feminine more romantic look rather then the every hair in place, ultra smooth and sleek look.

For many women, this added casualness just makes it an easier style to simulate at home on their own.

When the style calls for less structure the few loose hairs here and there become part of the overall look.

  1. And one last style we will talk about for this year: the deep side part.

This look can be very dramatic and is the perfect look for woman who have really straight hair.

To make sure the hair stays in place you can either put it in a pony tail or add a beautiful pin to hold it in place.

Make sure that you go for the drama by allowing the hair to actually fall over your eye, or at least a little over one of your brows.

There you have it, some of this years top hair trends for women. Most of them are easy and something a “normal” woman could, and would, want to wear.

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