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Case Study – Hydroderm vs. Other Skin Care

Wondering about the performance of Hydroderm vs. other skin care methods? In the past, there were few alternatives to hide the signs of aging. You were often limited to wearing scarves or neckties to cover up baggy neck lines and loose skin around the collar. Now there are a number of surgical procedures and cosmetic products on the market to take care of these unsightly problems. This article will explore how these new methods stack up against Hydroderm skin care products.

Chemical peels are one of the more common skin care methods being used today. A chemical peel actually burns off the top layer of skin with acid to remove the dead skin cells and let the healthy layer underneath shine through. This is a popular choice because it is non-invasive and does not require surgery. Chemical peels may not be as effective as a surgical procedure like a face life, but they are a good way to remove acne scars or sun damage.

Botox is one of the latest skin care methods to hit the marketplace. It uses small injections of collagen around the mouth, neck, or eye area to relax the muscles and reduce lines and wrinkling. It is also commonly used for people who have issues with involuntary muscle contraction, along with helping to smooth appearance. Botox injections are commonly administered into the neck area, making them non-invasive and easy to recover from.

One of the oldest methods of taking years of one’s appearance is the face lift. This is a much more involved, and often painful, surgical procedure in which the skin is actually cut and then tightened. Obviously, this is more costly than any of the other methods listed, including Hydroderm. A face lift may also require an extended recovery period to heal from the incisions that have been made.

Hydroderm is a new collagen infusion that is designed to moisturize the skin and tighten up wrinkles and lines. It is generally used in the neck area to pick up sagging skin. Hydroderm includes tri-dimensional proteins that fortify and revitalize dry, baggy skin. It is also currently the only way to infuse collagen into your system without painful injections at the doctor’s office.

Hydroderm compares favorably vs. other skin care methods like the face lift, chemical peel, or Botox. In three weeks of the Hydroderm system, you can eliminated about half of the wrinkles on your face and neck. Even better, this does not require any surgery or injections and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

There are more options for skin care treatment than ever before. So far, Hydroderm holds its own vs. other skin care methods. It is far more economical and convenient than having a surgical procedure such as a face lift or an injection of Botox. It remains to be seen how Hydroderm will fare vs. other new skin care methods as they appear on the market, but right now it is still one of the best alternatives available.

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